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In 1875 he opened a civil engineers office in berlin. The mullerbreslau principle uses bettis law of virtual work to construct influence lines. This method allows us to draw influence lines faster. Muller breslau principle has lead to a simple method of using models of structures to get the influence lines for force quantities like bending moments, support moments, reactions, internal shears, thrusts, etc. Remove the ability for the structure to resist the response quantity e. Theory of structures, to analyse a given structure under speci. To illustrate the method let us consider a structure ab figure 6. The procedure for applying the mullerbreslau principle is as follows. This means if the influence line for a reaction is asked for simply start by pretending the beam is no longer attached to the reaction in question and is free to rotate about the other support. The influence line for a function reaction, shear, moment is to the same scale as the deflected shape of the beam when the. Pdf practice problems set 4 influence lines problem. Influence line diagram using muller breslau principle theory and examples duration. Explaining how to use the mullerbreslau principle to draw influence lines for statically determinate beams. The curve of the deflected structure will be to some scale of influence line for the stress or reaction component.

Quantizationconditions,19001927 anthony duncan and michel janssen march 9, 2020 1 overview wetracetheevolutionofquantizationconditionsfrommaxplancksintro. Muller breslau principle part 1 structural analysis. Watch muller breslau principle 2 krishna kumar kumar on dailymotion. Qualitative influence lines for statically inde terminate structures. Use the mullerbreslau principle to find the shape of the influence line for the support reaction at c for our model problem. Concept of muller breslau principle structure analysis. Influence lines with mullerbreslau principle part 1 structural. Explaining how to use the muller breslau principle to draw influence lines for statically determinate beams. Using the resulting moments to combine the fixedend moment influence lines, the.

This method is based on the mullerbreslau principle, and may also be called qualitative influence lines. For a determinate structure this will result in an unstable structure. Remove the constraint at the point of interest for the function of interest. There is an alternate to the equilibrium method for constructing influence lines. In 1886, heinrich mullerbreslau develop a method for rapidly constructing the shape of an influence line. It states that, if an internal stress component or reaction is considered to act through some small distance and there by to deflect or displaced the structure. Direct determination of influence lines and surfaces by f. Qualitative influence lines using the muller breslau principle.

Iilliiiin many practical applications, it is usually sufficient to draw only the qualitative influence lines to decide where to place the live loads to maximize the response functions of interest. Miillerbreslau principle combined with the moment distribution. Influence lines of beams using mullerbreslaus principle. Heinrich franz bernhard muller was born in wroclaw breslau on may 1851. The mullerbreslau principle is a method to determine influence lines. The principle states that the influence lines of an action force or moment assumes the. Combining the equations, the equation of motion for a sdof system is derived as.

Influence lines with mullerbreslau principle part 1. The muller breslau principle states that the ordinate value of an influence line for any function on any structure is proportional to the ordinates. This method allows us to draw influence lines faster than if we used the equilibrium calculations described in the previous section. Influence lines mullerbreslau principle civil engineering. The mullerbreslaus principle, based on deflected shapes of modified structures, is.

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